Welded meshes

Product designed for a particular customer according to technical requirements. KHM+Steel is a leading manufacturer of welded mesh with high quality requirements.

Use of meshes:


Protection of construction plots

Safeguarding of machinery and equipment according to health and safety rules

Protection of tunnel construction sites

Protection of excavations from copper ore, gold, zinc mines

3 high-tech production lines can handle any task

Production capabilities:

DIMENSION300×300 mm6000×2500 mm
WIRE THICKNESS3.0 mm8.0 mm
MATERIALBlack wire, galvanized wire, ZnAl wire 

Each project is considered independently by our technology department on the basis of the client's quality requirements which makes it possible to select the best grade of material for the project.

The company's goal is to provide the highest quality products at the best price.

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