KHM+Steel gabion fence is a modern alternative to traditional mesh fences.

It allows the creation of extremely original structures filled with decorative stone, glass, wood, and the ingenuity of investors to fill the gabions (e.g. with old broken tiles) and use gabions (e.g. as a building facade) can be surprising.


Applications for
private market

Construction of retaining structures supporting or replacing in part or in whole earthen structures, strengthening the banks of water reservoirs or communication facilities adjacent to these reservoirs, construction or strengthening of bridge supports and other communication facilities or devices

Construction of reinforced soil retaining structures

Protective surfaces of slopes

Construction of fords and erosion control structures for the bottoms and banks of waterways, reservoirs and watercourses near the supports of bridges, earth structures and other communication facilities

Construction of temporary structures to raise or strengthen flood control embankments

Construction of noise barriers


Small architecture, facades of buildings

Leveling of uneven terrain

Advantages of gabions


Does not cause water retention behind the structure


Deformation and settlement does not cause cracking or disintegration of the structure

Noise absorption


Resistance to corrosion, fire and ultraviolet radiation

Ease of installation

Do not require an extensive construction site

Are architecturally and landscaping aesthetically pleasing

Accelerate the growth of vegetation, especially useful on steep slopes with significant surface erosion

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